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    Pics from AC34 of USA 17 and Emirates/New Zealand (does it have a number?) practicing on the bay. The likely America's Cup racers on parade.


    In other news, looks like Artemis will be get back in the race in their 2nd AC72 providing a three way Louis Vuitton Race series. Hard to see Luna Rosa beating Emirates using second hand version of Emirates American's designed AC72. Artemis likely still has design issues and will be present but not a probable contender.

    It's shaping up very much as a traditional America's Cup before it was high jacked by the awful 12 meter era of numbing slowness. In a way the Emirates boat is playing the role of America, a challenge by syndicate of people out to make money winning a boat race vs. the US as the wealthy royalty defending against the upstart sailing professional gamblers.

    Of course we still have to put up the Grant Daton's boringly repetitive Glory Days laments of "not enough challengers" which, if he knew is America's Cup history, he'd know it was usually two robber barons duking it out. Even in the dark ages of 12 Meters, there was usually one or two real challengers.

    AC34SFJuneD3_0706.jpg AC34SFJuneD3_0714.jpg AC34SFJuneD3_0744.jpg AC34SFJuneD3_0770_1.jpg AC34SFJuneD3_0778_1.jpg AC34SFJuneD3_0872.jpg

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