Prada on the Bay.

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    Prada capo Patrizio Bertelli's Luna Rosa makes its Golden Gate premier run...and looks fantastic. Easily the best graphics of the four AC72's. A sunny contrast to the grim faces and complaints of the previous day about the wind speed racing limits, too high in Bertelli's view following the Artemis fatal crash, for the safety of the crew and the boats.


    Pix by Carlo Borlenghi.

    All the controversies over the transition of the America's Cup into the 21st century and back to the original intent of Cup being the pinnacle of competition between nation's in the unlimited and most advanced sailing machines possible, all the controversies seem to fade every time the boats get on the water and remind everyone how fantastic the AC45's and AC72's are.

    LunaRossaSF13cb_05709.jpg LunaRossaSF13cb_05741.jpg LunaRossaSF13cb_05757.jpg LunaRossaSF13cb_05761.jpg LunaRossaSF13cb_05860.jpg LunaRossaSF13cb_05922.jpg LunaRossaSF13cb_06017.jpg

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