Jury to rule Wednesday on the rudder issue.

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    The independent international jury will rule by Wednesday on the rudder issue that Luna Rosa and Emirates protested. In attending the press conference it was clear that Luna Rosa had no good reason to boycott.


    1. Luna Rosa declined to ask the jury for an expedited ruling.
    2. Luna Rosa and Emirates had not objected to rule until right before the first race, six weeks OK'ing it.
    3. Luna Rosa had stated they would race no matter how the jury rules.
    4. The jury is independent of AC34 so blaming AC34 day before the race was wrong.
    5. Emirates has asked for similar rudder change six months ago.

    There was some talk of Luna Rosa being disqualified under the race rules for actions detrimental to the America's Cup racing. With no legitimate reason for boycotting the race, Luna Rosa's actions had only one purpose, to damage the reputation of the America's Cup race.


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