Jury rules in favor of Luna Rosa, Luna Rosa races.

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    The international jury ruled in favor of Luna Rosa that the rudder change included in the safety recommendations was a rule change and required the unanimous consent of all the competitors. Luna Rosa then agreed to continue racing. Jury's full ruling can be read here.


    It makes a hash of Luna Rosa's decision to boycott the first Louis Vuitton challenger race and leaves them looking unsportsmanlike and simply seeking to damage the race.

    Here are pix of Luna Rosa's race today where it sailed the short course unopposed since Artemis Racing does not have its AC72 ready to race. Luna Rosa must sail the course to get points even the competitor does not show.

    GMR_AC34JulyD11_0922.jpg GMR_AC34JulyD11_0888.jpg AK_AC34JulyD11_2058.jpg GMR_AC34JulyD11_0940.jpg GMR_AC34JulyD11_0914.jpg AK_AC34JulyD11_2124.jpg AK_AC34JulyD11_0642.jpg AK_AC34JulyD11_1939.jpg

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