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    Nice July 4th on the dock and the America's Cup village is OK. But just OK. It's not knock your socks off. Sitting in San Francisco, likely millions of tourists passing by over the course of a year and AC Village and the AC34 really should have been a "killer app".


    The AC72's and the elves' workshop should be RIGHT THERE in front of the visitors. But they are nowhere to be seen. It's all abstract and over the horizon, the fatal affliction of sailing as far as public appeal. The huge AC72's sitting in front of the public with the "pit crews" furiously at work would have elicited a lot "I'VE GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THOSE!!!" comments from kids of all ages.

    The USA 17 trimaran with the wing panels removed should be sitting RIGHT THERE.

    And the AC village exhibits. Limited and, on the first official day, broken. The lever on the foil interactive was broken. Come on, man!!!

    I understand Ellison's wanting it to pay for itself but in trying to get the AC34 into 21st century, Ellison should have paid for this one himself and used it to attract the bees to the honey of spectacular sailing. Setting up AC35 for the payoff.

    And where are the SuperYachts! Could have used some of on the market super yachts and parked them around the venue and light them up at night. They are real crowd pleasers.

    Just feels like an opportunity missed for lack of a few bucks, something Ellison is not lacking.

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