Game on...first race July 7. NBC Live in US.

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    First race in the Louis Vuitton Challenger series is this Sunday, July 7, live on NBC Sports. I'm hoping this guy wins the series, one of Carlo Borlenghi's friends, I suspect. A better chance of America's Cup staying in the 21st century with the fastest sailboats etc. if Prada wins.


    Live coverage is a bit of a secret. NBCSports website doesn't mention it. The America's Cup You Tube channel is here but if NBC Sports does cover it, I'm guessing Google/YouTube will be evil and blackout the YouTube broadcast and NBC, despite its stealth approach to America's Cup will actually broadcast it on Sunday.

    We do need to talk to the young man's older sibling though, only mad dogs and Englishmen feed the seagulls. Your correspondent will on the America, seen leading this parade, for the first Louis Vuitton race on Sunday.

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