Game off! Luna Rosa boycotts first race. No race.

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    The first race of the Louis Vuitton Cup has been canceled, well not exactly cancelled, there will be only one boat on the race course as Luna Rosa is boycotting the first race. Luna Rosa wanted the International Jury to rule on their protest of the safety rules before the race even though the ruling would have no effect on the the first race. Making Luna Rosa's move a completely empty gesture.

    Luna Rosa's move is mean spirited. It only affects the fans who spent a lot of money ($1,000 in my case to fly down for a couple days and go out on the America to watch the race). It certainly is a poke in the eye of AC34, making them look bad to broadcasters like NBC that were going to showcase the race. But even there, what it does is mostly hurt sailing coverage with the main stream media and the public. AC34 had to pay NBC to cover the race in hopes it would catch on and sailing would gain a niche in the media where big sailing events like America's Cup could gain some traction.

    Luna Rosa's unsportsmanlike behavior makes all of Grant Dalton's "Gruff Gus" grousing look like Marquis of Queensbury.

    Be nice if AC34 could boot them out of the race completely as their actions are designed to only hurt AC34. Hopefully AC34 will file that protest with the International Jury, as that Luna Ross be disquolified.

    As long as we have the best of 17 racing between either New Zealand or Sweden vs. US in September, we'll have an America's Cup. Fill in with an expanded Red Bull Youth Series. Give them a month of races in August until Sweden gets its boat going and races New Zealand.

    Worst case, New Zealand pulls out if Luna Rosa is tossed out and US races Sweden for 10 days in September..

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