Emirates to "boycott" AC45 races...or not.

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  1. SFUSA17 New Member

    From the New Zealand Herald. Yachting: Team NZ to boycott pre-Cup regattas


    In a funny failed attempt to grab headlines, Grant "The Grump" Dalton said he'd crew the Emirates AC45 with a "youth team" and he calls it a "boycott" (it sounds so much more...well...grumpy).

    Getting young sailors into the sport and specifically onto the AC45's was and is one of the great intentions of the America's Cup 34 team. Something "Grumpy" criticized when first announced and now something he embraces...but in a "grumpy" kind of way calling it a "boycott".

    From America's Cup AC34 view, the entire point of the AC45 races was to showcase the new AC catamarans and the racing format and to work out the all the technical aspects from race management to courses to tracking technology, all done brilliantly to date. Remember when "Grumpy" was grumping about racing in Portsmouth and then it turned out to be riveting racing and garnered front page headlines in main stream media?

    As for Grumpy's "boycott", heading up the Emirates team is hot shot Olympic medalist Peter Burling who will ADD to the fun and excitement of the racing just as it did when young sailors were brought in for the other AC45 teams like Chris Draper, Nathan Outteridge.

    So we have a non-boycotting "boycott" that will make the AC45 promo races more fun and exciting to watch..sorry Grumpy.
  2. EaglesPDX Member

    Dalton is such a phony. Crying how the catamarans are never going to work and no one is going to be able to sail them and how the AC45's and AC72's, completely new to challenger and defender alike, are going to put challengers at a disadvantage.

    No one has proven Dalton wrong more than Dalton. Emirates has excelled the competition, the AC45's have worked brilliantly to redefine the America's Cup as the top technology sailing challenge, Emirates has not been at a disadvantage, just the opposite. And Barker, barking up the same tree as Dalton about not being competitive, learned very quickly how to master the AC45's and now the AC72's.

    The only worry is for the rest of the sport should Emirates win, will Dalton undo the heavy lift done by Ellison and Oracle to move the America's Cup into the 21st century and back to the pinnacle of sailing, the biggest fastest boats competing with no limits? Will Dalton bury the America's Cup in a lead coffin, sending it back to the 20th century?
  3. BuzzLightyear New Member

    The most likely scenario from TNZ's "boycott" would be that Peter Burling will excel in the AC45's and take over New Zealand's AC72 from Barker. At which point Dalton would say that was his plan all along.
  4. ProximalSuns New Member

    Dalton is such a wanker. I can understand putting the AC72 crew on the AC72 and having the development team of young sailors race in the AC45's. But why not put that positive spin on it and promote the America's Cup you are in vs. the negative spin Dalton puts out of "boycott" and "distraction" and using it to air his tiresome lists of old complaints?

    Peter Burling and a team of young hotshots sailing the AC45 is going to as fun if not more fun and exciting than Barker and company. It doesn't detract from the fantastic show the AC45's have become, if anything adds to it, showcasing the up and comers in the sport. Be great if Oracle, Prada and Artemis did the same. They could use it make the AC45's a much more traditional America's Cup by manning the boats with all the best young nationals and really make it a "race between nations". A combo of America's Cup tradition and Olympics. Great promotion for the America's Cup.

    If Dalton really believed all the negative comments he's tossed out about AC34 he wouldn't be spending $100M and years of his life competing it in. Such pointless hypocrisy.

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