Eight bells for John Bonds

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    In restarting the Online Yacht Club, I wanted to pay tribute to John Bonds, Sr who passed away June of 2010 in Newport (obit by John Rousmaniere) where the 21st century, on the web, America's Cup World Series just wrapped up in July of 2012. John would have loved all the high tech aspects of the new America's Cup especially the fact it was online for everyone to view and talk about.

    John was "on the bus" as far as putting sailing on the web. He was one of Sailing Forum on Compuserve first members. It was the genesis of the Online Yacht Yacht club because John, as Executive Director of US Sailing, registered the Online Yacht Club as the first (and as I far as I know) only dues paying virtual yacht club registered with US Sailing.

    John loved chatting online in the forum with other sailors and was always a cool voice of bottomless expertise, great advice and good humor. He recognized the value of the virtual conversations. He encouraged all the US Sailing committees to use the technology to overcome the obstacles of time and distance.

    An inspirational person whose spirit will, I hope, be carried on the Online Yacht Club community he helped create.

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