Deconstructing the bogus AC34 criticism

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    There is so much totally bogus AC34 criticism it needs a point by point deconstruction.

    1. Multihulls. The big controversy when, AC33 being raced in multihulls are the first true America's Cup Deed of Gift race in 100 years was raced in the biggest, fastest boats that could be built. Of course they were multihulls. What the America's Cup should have transitioned to years ago vs. being frozen in the monohull amber. Dean Barker and Grant Dalton of Emirates lead the complaints yet no one has proven Dalton and Barkers complaints to be more wrong that Dalton and Barker themselves, proving how quickly good sailors adapted, proving how much fun and how exciting the new 21st technology is to race. The racing has been just phenomenal. The sailors love it, the spectators love it and the web loves it. Sailing in the 21st century.

    2. Multihulls can't match race. Proven wrong from the get go as we've had much more exciting and competitive match races than any of the monohull races with lead changes, come from behind wins, brutal tacking duels and screaming fast boats.

    3. "Stadium" racing is bad. First off there are no stadiums. There is using perfect natural harbors to bring the racing to public and it has proven hugely successful with stadium sized crowds lining the shoreline to watch the races. The idea that the "stadium" racing forces them into bad race courses has been proven wrong by every race, even the most constrained in Venice harbor where the racing was exciting and brought out hundreds of thousands of fans to cheer the Prada/Luna Rosa home team to victory.

    4. The electronics hurt the racing. The sailors have found it easy to work with, the instant penalties, the course visible to the public via Liveline and Virtual Eye and to the sailors with warning lights. Being able to change courses instantly to suit conditions, keeping the racing fast and furious. And having the races broadcast on YouTube so the entire world can watch the races live anywhere they are on their iPhones and iPads.

    When we get the massive AC72's we will have the America's Cup restored to its rightful place as the pinnacle of sail boat racing, the fastest boats with the best sailors with no limits.
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