Dalton/Emirates fear longer AC races.

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    Grant Dalton of Emirates is at it again. After being wrong on every aspect of AC34 beginning with Dalton and Barker once calling the AC45's and AC72's a cheat to now calling it the most fantastic sailing ever. Now Dalton is claiming AC34 is trying to cheat him by wanting to make the race's longer because the big AC72 cats are proving to be faster and more exciting then anyone realized. The result is the planned race courses are obviously too short. The races will be over too fast.

    AC34 is proposing making the courses longer based on the new facts of the success of the AC72 design.

    Emirates is such a hypocrite team, plain bad sports. They claimed the multihulls would give Oracle an advantage. Proven wrong. They said the AC45's would be dull and no one would want to watch. Proven wrong. They said the AC72's would be impossible to build and sail in match races. Proven wrong. And no one proves Emirates wrong more than Emirates own results.

    One can only imagine the disaster of AC35 if Emirates wins AC34 after Ellison moved the America's Cup into the 21st century in boat design and race technology for the race and the public.

    Here's the article from NZ Herald.

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