Columbia River high and fast for July.

Discussion in 'Cruising' started by Green Dot Lure, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Green Dot Lure New Member

    He's not kidding. Neighbor who sails a couple days a week (not a monthly "see if still works" guy) is going out sailing. His berth is parallel to the river flow, he faces upstream. So he starts his 9.9 Pro-Kicker Mercury and back out, puts it in forward and the motor stalls. Only about 10' to the dock downstream but the current is so fast and powerful it slams him into the dock and busts he engine right off its mounts. Luckily no apparent shaft damage, just the motor mount castings which broke off. Only thing holding the motor was fuel lines and control harness from the handle.

    Be careful out there...strong stuff for July
  2. amit san New Member

    unlike san blas When the Columbia warms into the high 60’s and low 70’s in late
    July, August and early September, the best fishing is off the mouths of these
    tributaries where migrant summer steelhead pause for a cool exchange of
    water over their gills..
  3. Green Dot Lure New Member

    Very true. Same for the Chinook. Mouth of the Sandy River is my main spot for Fall Chinook. Mouth of the Willamette right now for Spring Chinook. The Columbia is closed for Spring Chinook but fishing the deadline at the mouth of the Willamette offers a chance at the Columbia fish who pause at the Willamette. This year water level is down, likely normal level.

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