"Bestspeed" app for optimal speed.

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    How fast am I sailing and how fast could I be sailing? With the Bestspeed App you are sailing against your personal best performance

    How fast has my boat been sailing under how much wind and under which angles to the wind? The company Nouveda GmbH in Switzerland now presents a new App for the iPad and iPhone. With this App, the already achieved values are permanently displayed and compared to the current sailing data. Thus, the sailor always knows, if the performance limit of the boat has been achieved or not.

    The “Bestspeed” App continuously saves the current and up to now achieved maximum performance data and displays it. Thus, the team can measure itself against the own best performance.

    Technical requirement for the use of the Bestspeed App is a wireless network on board. The application receives the NMEA data from the transmitters (speedometer, wind measuring system) via a WLAN router. The Bestspeed App is available in the AppStore for about $12

    For further information and to download the manual or watch a video, please visit the website of the company Nouveda GmbH


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