Audi Melges 20 pics by Luca Butto Studio Borlenghi

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    Some super pix from Carlo Borlenghi of the racing in Malcesine, Italy for the Melges 20 championship

    Photos by Luca Butto - Studio Borlenghi copyright.

    M20Malcesine12lb_02772.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02762.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02728.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02677.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02647.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02621.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02567.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02475.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02475.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02470.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02463.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02463.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02470.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02475.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02567.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02621.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02647.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02677.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02728.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02762.jpg M20Malcesine12lb_02772.jpg

    Follow the race on the Melges website

    After a day plagued by unstable weather, the Audi Melges 20 fleet completed two races. In first overall is Alessio Marinelli aboard Candida Sailing Team, the leader of the provisional ranking of the third event of the Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series.

    After a solid first race, finishing third, Marinelli and tactician Branko Brcin performed a successful second race, as admitted by the owner. "We passed the leeward gate in the penultimate position, and then took advantage from the shift of wind on the right." Back in contact with the leading group, Candida Sailing Team battled to the finish line with Guido Miani's Audi supported by Eberhard & Co winning the race.

    In the provisional ranking, set between ITA 159 and MON 333, Legionario, helmed by Giancarlo Capolino with an inspired Francesco Ivaldi on his side. For De Falco's Pecceré, it was a positive day. Mirko De Falco and Guglielmo Giordano finished in ninth place overall. Even more important for the Neapolitan team is the fact that their direct contenders, Renato Vallivero's Turnover hit one of the worst day ever finishing deep.

    A day of dark and light for Rob Wilber's Cinghiale and and Mascalzone Latino Jr., they both failed to confirm their potential reached during the first regatta. The warning signal of the third race of the eventi s scheduled for tomorrow at 8 a.m., hoping in the arrival of Peler.

    The third leg of Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series is organized by Plan-B Sport & Events in collaboration with the Fraglia Vela Malcesine and Melges Europe. In addition to Audi, the Audi Sailing Series is supported by the official timekeeper Eberhard & Co watches and Musto, the official technical supplier.

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