Artemis crash speculated to be structural.

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    Not "pilot error". The description of witnesses is that the Artemis boat suffered a structural collapse. If the Artemis boat suffers from bad design there is likely little Artemis can do at this point to correct it. It may be Prada and Emirates competing to see who races Oracle for the Cup.


    Photo and story from, Wired Magazine, of all places with the caveat it is early in the news cycle and much is speculation.

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    Has Cayard made all the wrong choices? Cayards choice of Juan Kuoyomdjian as the designer for Artemis was controversial, someone who had no experience in mulithull design. Cayard's choice of Terry Hutchinson, someone who had a poor record in the America's Cup and no experience on sailing multihulls, was controversial.

    Boat design and helmsman are crucial and Cayard made bad decisions on both.

    In the collapse of Artemis's newest AC72, it has come out that the Juan K designs were flawed from the beginning. The foiling designs of Morelli and Melvin for Emirates and Prada surprised Juan K Artemis who then tried to "bolt on" foiling to their no-foil design with now disastrous results. It's hard to see Artemis staying in the race. They have a base design they know is dangerous and slow. Even if they could build a new boat by July race time, which is problematic, they do not have time to come up with a new design and designer.

    Only way for Artemis to show up at the Louis Vuitton starting line in July would be for Oracle to give them their 1st boat and use them as a race trainer and let them compete in the Louis Vuitton which would give Oracle a way to see how their base design stacks up against the Morelli and Mevlin design of Emirates and Prada.
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