Anyone done the Lake Powell housboats?

Discussion in 'Cruising' started by Besdeekian, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Besdeekian New Member

    Looking to do the Lake Powell houseboat trip, renting one of the houseboats. I have decent boat skills, 20' outboard, and they seem OK with renting to me based on my experience, state boating license and skill courses.

    Any skill sets beyond 20' runabout skills I should read up on for running the house boat?

    Planning for five adults, five kids (2-10) on a 50' with a ski boat. Any advice people can offer on crew/size of house boat ratio? 54' OK? We are planning on the 54' Escape to get 2 bathrooms.


    Suggested route for first timers to make for easy cruising and good camp sites. We are hoping for this every night but figure so is everyone else. Would like to avoid the most crowded spots.

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  2. PelagosPalegic New Member

    Yes! Do it, you will love it.

    The 54' sounds right for your crew, you'll end up sleeping on the roof under the BLAZING stars. Kids will love it and ask you all kinds of star questions, get Distant Suns on your iPhone and you will have them hooked on astronomy.

    Boat handling you will be OK. Twin outboards help. Just take it slow. Beaches are easy. The gas dock will be a challenge but deploy crew and dock hands will help.

    Definitely get a ski boat big enough for the whole crew as you will do most of your touring in ski boat including ice and ice cream runs. Bring water ski and wakeboard stuff. Great time to learn it. Kids will love it. Your wallet and gas bill will not. If you have any portable boat fuel tanks, bring them to save fuel trips.

    Camping sites I can't remember and it depends on water level. Ask at the dock.
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