America's Cup out of San Francisco!?

Discussion in 'America's Cup and other races' started by BGL, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. BGL Administrator

    In what has to be a crazy end to what was the greatest America's Cup ever, it appears that the America's Cup race is out of San Francisco. From the announcement made a few days ago, Bermuda and San Diego are the two venues being considered.


    Bermuda? A quaint spot, isolated, hard to get to and completely hidden from view. Unimaginable why they would want to hide the America's Cup there. No one will know or care about it.

    San Diego. An American city known for calm seas, no wind and kelp beds. We won't be seeing any 50mph races in high speed foiling catamarans, just some boats drifting around the kelp beds.

    No doubt SF told America's Cup they are free to buy or rent property to run the race but the city was not going to kick in millions as it did last time. SF did its part in getting the first 21st century America's Cup launched in spectacular fashion. With big boats, big winds and fast, fast sailing. But Ellison could have rehabbed Alemeda navy base for little cost and had a great show.

    It's sailing, big wind is key. It's America's Cup, big city, big media is key.

    A terrible decision that will see the America's Cup fade back into obscurity vs. establishing itself as a 21st century icon that was the first San Francisco America's Cup. Instead drifters in San Diego. Why bother to have fast cats in a place with no wind? Just crazy.

    Both Bermuda and San Diego have made very compelling cases to be the host for the next America’s Cup,” said Russell Coutts, Director of the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA). “We will be in good hands with either venue.”
  2. ProximalSuns New Member

    A terrible decision to take the race out of San Francisco. Here's the wind, if you want to call i that, for Bermuda and San Diego in August race time.

    Bermuda = 10 knots
    San Diego = 6.5 knots

    What is the point of racing 50 mph boats at 15-20 miles an hour. It will be in San Diego of course. Bermuda has no chance, it's in an impossible time zone for broadcast audience.

    AC35 will be a pointless race. Only hope will be rooting for Australia or UK to move to someplace with is a SAIL boat race.

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