America's Cup going to the DoG?

Discussion in 'America's Cup and other races' started by Ptolemy, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Jack Griffin at America's Cup Experience web site has a great proposal for one of the remaining challengers to make a DoG (Deed of Gift) challenge now that Australia has dropped out. Basic terms begin with race must be in San Francisco, which is the main reason everyone thinks Australia pulled out, because the race was inexplicably pulled from San Francisco of the powerful winds and center of the known universe status.


    How to Take Charge of the America's Cup July 21, 2014 Jack Griffin

    Griffin's idea is a fun one but I think the current rules will simply move the Challenger of Record to the next in line challenger, like the UK challenge of Ben Ainsle. But if someone can finagle Griffin's idea and pull it off, it would be great. So disappointed in Ellison from salvaging the Cup and moving it to SF and having it in the winged cats, taking the race into the 21st century and then to lose it all by being petty with the follow up. I suppose Ellison said he wouldn't finance it again and that required some city agreeing to pay for it but what a sad end for a guy who has $28B and did so much for the America's Cup.

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