'89 Boston Whaler 22' Outrage Repower Merc 150HP Four Stroke

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    So I purchased the boat I always dreamed of having as a kid 1989, 22', Boston Whaler Outage with twin 111 Mercuries. Boat had all original equipment from the 20+ year old two cycle Mercuries to William Miller complete canvas set including the Bimini top, nose and windshield canvas, rear canvas...every piece of canvas that Whaler/Miller offered. The boat had the original leaning post slightly modified with a cabinet built under it.

    Bought the boat. It ran great and I started salmon fishing. Boat catches fish. Trolling was OK but just OK with trolling plates vs. a kicker motor. One and half seasons and...boom...the starboard engine went..scrap so on to the original restoration.

    Here's the boat rigged with original gear.

    Outrage22 (01).jpg
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    Here's the boat rigged after the repower.


    150 HP Mercury Four Stroke. A new engine from Mecury. Very large displacement, 183 cubic inches, 3.0 liters, which is larger than Mercury's Verado 250 HP four cycle. It is almost a work boat engine, big block, detuned to provide a lot of low end torque vs. high end speed. That is exactly what I wanted. Cruising fuel economy and load carrying capacity. So far it is work out with 5.5 mpg at 22 mph/3000 RPM and 4.4 mpg at 30 mph/4000 RPM.

    This also took 150 pounds off the transom of the boat which has make a big difference in handling. The boat rides more level. I think this also contributes to it getting up on plane faster and with less bow rise.

    Added a 9.9 Mercury kicker for trolling but the 150 Mercury has a digital control called the Eco-meter which has a Troll feature that allows you to digitally slow down the big engine to 550 RPM (normal idle is 800) so many times I can troll slowly on the big engine.

    Added trim tabs. Lenco Sport tabs, 12" by 4".

    Traded out the two downriggers controlled by the Humminbird/Cannonlink (it never worked right) and put in a Cannon Digitroll 10 with its own sonar for bottom following while trolling.

    Other changes are taking out the original Boston Whaler leaning post and putting in an original Boston Whaler teak pilot seat.

    Still to be done are adding a Stryker T-top.

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