35th America's Cup starts. Portsmouth UK

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    The 35th America's Cup started in Portsmouth UK. After all the drama of San Francisco and 34th Cup and the come from behind win of Oracle USA and then the let down of the 35th Cup being sold to Bermuda and the boats downsized to 50 footers, we are back to racing.

    Day One saw the UK team take first with a 1st and 2nd finish in the two races with Emirates and Oracle USA finishing 2nd and 3rd with lots of drama and lead changes. The foiling cats are still exciting as ever and the excellent race coverage video overlays and boat cams are still excellent so there is hope despite the downsizing and moving it offshore.

    The race can be watched live using the America's Cup App on iTunes or Goggle Play. It's $8 for each event to watch live. For US viewers, you can only watch it on a iPad or Android device not on the website. That makes no sense. For those with Windows tablets, out of luck I suppose.

    All in all a great start to the racing.


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